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Our firm can assist individuals with a complete range of tax and financial planning services. At Omland Heal LLP, we assist with personal income tax returns, tax planning, and interactions with your financial institutions.

Need to File Twice?


Most people know that Canada imposes taxes based on residence, but many do not realize that the US imposes taxes based on either residence or citizenship. In some circumstances, you may find that you need to file taxes in both countries. If you’re a US citizen living and working in Canada, your taxes can become very complicated. This is of special concern to those who have dual citizenship, many of whom have lived all their lives in Canada and do not even realize that they should be filing US taxes. You may be able to claim an exemption to keep from being double taxed, but you do still need to file an income tax return regardless of whether you end up paying anything.


Give Omland Heal a call for help in navigating the complexities of filing taxes in both Canada and the United States.

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